The Feast

We woke up on 28th April only to find out we were greeted by somebody from the marina to pay which is weird because normally you have to go to the office to pay. The nice lad told us that France had a curfew from 6am to 7pm – bonkers right! Never in my life have I had such a ridiculous curfew from my parents let alone from the government.

We left after we fixed the toilet for the second time (first time was in Plymouth) at 3pm. We caught a small storm half an hour later and saw Mistress do 9.2 knots at the peak with an 8.7 knot average on a close haul (I was feeling the boat plane on the water whilst trying to sleep). This meant that the waves got bigger again and I felt seasick again whilst trying to be on night watch, meaning that my . got sleep deprived again.

The next day it was my mum’s birthday. My poor seasick mother. I’m not too sure which birthday was worst, this one or the one when she found out that someone close had died whilst being ill at the same time. Both mum and her dog were the saddest living things on the planet until they saw the dolphins for the first time. In that very moment both their faces got filled with life and joy. They both spent 5 minutes watching them until the pod left. That made their whole day. The dolphins had lightened up all of our moods as we found ourselves laughing and having a good time overall. I also discovered that I could hear them in my bed through the hull.

On the last day of the month April, I got woken up by my parents after a mere 3 hours of sleep.

“We are arriving in Spain” They happily told (more like screamed at) a very tired Andra.

When we arrived in Spain, we called a half empty marina to confirm they had a space for us so they could tell us where to park. We had some parking problems – mainly my fault for being too slow – as the boat kept floating away before it was tied to the pontoon.

We went out of the marina only to find that everybody, even people who was jogging, were wearing a muzzle on their face. We later found out that masks were mandatory both inside and outside. My first reaction was asking myself how they could wear the masks in hot Spain without getting sick. Then I remembered Spain was and still is one of the countries with the most covid cases in Europe. Coincidence right? I still wouldn’t be surprised if they sleep or shower with those dirty cloths on.

In the afternoon, we went to a restaurant and ordered 3 sharing meals and had a feast, having a proper meal for the first time in 3 days.