Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.

So we left Tenerife on 16th December on a beautiful calm day so we could spend the holidays in La Gomera – my favourite island. I enjoyed the views of Teide whilst looking for dolphins and whales. We arrived in La Gomera at about three, fuelled up and then went to the same space we were in last time.

Joyfully, I went to walk Millie where I met somebody I knew on the street. We talked for a couple of minutes before I returned. My dad had just talked to our neighbours who said that “It felt like we never left”. After-that Joel and Ari came to welcome us so we talked for a bit. We had our dinner and two hours later we walked the dog again returning with a bag of churros. The next day we went to the market, buchers and bakery where we found ourselves having a conversation with the sellers when buying food. Mark, a friend, came around repeating what the neighbours had said. That’s how you know you’re in La Gomera. There, people are really nice always wanting to meet new people. If you stay there more than 3 weeks, they start treating you as a local stopping to say “hi” on the street.

La Gomera is beautiful at Christmas. Every weekend there’s a different Christmas activity on. In the first two weeks (before we left to Tenerife) there’s an ice ring – which is kind of weird in 20 degree Celsius weather. Then there’s a live music or a nativity play or something else on. However, I kind of missed the cold. I’m not complaining but it’s weird – for me – to be able to go to the beach at Christmas time. It didn’t quite feel like Christmas. We had a barbecue outside in t-shirts on Christmas day which I enjoyed.

On New Years Eve, Eric and Karin came there so we spent it with them. We had a meal at ours and at half-past eleven we went to town to see the fireworks at midnight. The next day we had a swim in the ocean.

I think I could get used to spending the holidays somewhere warm.