Life was good in England. You could afford at least 1 holiday a year to enjoy your life. But what would happen if you couldn't go on holiday anymore? Would you miss it?

In March 2020 I was so chuffed because I finished my exams without even sitting them. Everyone called us ‘lucky’ for having a 6 month summer holiday and not having to go to school online, however, is sitting in your house doing nothing a holiday? Is not having a prom lucky? I would call it house arrest.

I would get bored, not knowing what to do, watching soap operas on TV. Then I decided that - if school wasn't going to teach me anything - I was going to teach myself HTML and CSS. I had a timetable everyday for what to do… every minute planned out on a piece of paper by me. I was going to do the job that my teachers wouldn’t anymore. The perfect life right? No. The reality was that I found that time ticking faster than I wanted it to and I still felt unsatisfied with what I did at the end of the day. I felt that my life was flying by and I was stuck in the same place like a plant pot.

We eventually went on a camping trip in Yarwell for one week but it just wasn’t the same. Although Yarwell is a beautiful village, we only had 3 out of the 7 days that were “hot” and, to make matters worse, it was freezing in the night. Then we went to Eastbourne for 3 days so we could go at least one day at the beach. I swear the water was warmer than outside! At this point of the lockdown I was obsessed with tanning cream saying that I looked like a vampire. I was hungry for my vitamin D. Being in England for the whole year didn’t help. It’s like there’s always something in the air blocking the sun.

At the end of lockdown I felt useless and that I was living the life of a domestic animal, arrested in my very own home.