Tio we need some help

So I woke up only to find that we were stuck. We soon figured out that it was in fishing nets. We had a rough time trying to recover the anchor. With me at the helm, my dad manually pulling the anchor out and my mum helping me and my dad communicate with each other. After 15 minutes, my dad finally pulled the anchor and the net out and cut the net.

After that, we decided to go to Setubal. My dad was at the helm as I was attempting to find a marina by calling all the marinas in Setubal. With my Portuguese, which it non-existent, I didn’t find any spaces.

So we went on to plan B. I called my last contact – Tio (uncle in Spanish). I called Tio twice. Tio didn't answer. Then I called Tia (aunt in Spanish). 

“Hi Andra” Answered Tio on Tia's phone.

“Tio! Hi, how are you? We need some help” are the words I found running out of my mouth.

“My help?” he replied.

“Yes, we can’t find a spot in the marina in Sesimbra.”

“What?! With the car... or the boat?!”

“With the boat of course.”

This came as a shock to Tio as he didn’t know we sold everything and brought a sailing yacht to sail across the world. We thought that we would surprise him because we knew we would arrive there at one point but we were the ones who got the surprise.

We woke Tio up at 8:30 in the morning who found a space for us (tied to 2 other boats). We were met with both Tio and Tia welcoming us in the marina. The marina was full so we parked and then went to get some food as we were starving. The first time we parked next to a concrete pier, the second we parked next to the 2 other boats as that was the space they found.