Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter in Martinique. Normally we celebrate both Catholic/Protestant Easter and Orthadox Easter but this year we only celebrated Orthadox Easter with the group of Romanians we found on the island. This year  Catholic/Protestant Easter was on 17th April and  Orthadox Easter was on 23rd April.

We went to a beach in Tartane – a town located on the Atlantic side in the north of Maritinique. At first we thought is was going to be a rainy day because before we left it was raining cats and dogs, however, the sun came out and pretty soon the beach started filling up with people. We were a group of about fifteen Romanians celebrating Easter with beautiful red coloured eggs and we all brought traditional Romanian food that we made for the occasion. 

Poor Millie was a problem as in Martinique dogs are not allowed on any beach reminding us that we were still in Europe. The rule wasn’t that much of a problem, however, the people take that rule seriously. Once we went to a different beach and a minute later there was this guy telling us to get Millie off the beach. Then our friend told us about this person whose dog followed her on the beach in the evening and the locals called the cops on her. Even though they knew her, they still ratted her out. That is why I could never live in Martinique, although it’s a beautiful island. So we put a scarf on the poor dog and pretended she was a baby. 

We really enjoyed our Easter there, for the first time in years we had proper Romanian Easter and the ironic part is that it wasn’t even on the right side of the Atlantic. Thank you to all the people who were there and Happy Easter!